Luxury of Business Lounge at Low Price!
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    Learn about Lounge Access Option
    Lounge access for up 75% off - relax and unwind yourself    
    Lounge Access Option (LAo) offers travellers Business Lounge access at airport at a substantially lower price (up to 75% lower than regular price) and enhances their travel experience and convenience.
    Once Optiontown has awarded you Lounge access via LAo, you can enjoy the comforts and luxury at the airport lounge, and your booking is edited in the airline reservations system to reflect the same. You can check your LAo status anytime on website by retrieving your booking. So, get ready to make your travel experience much more convenient and comfortable with exclusive meals and drinks and a cosy environment to relax at Business Lounge!
    How does it work?
    If you have a flight booking on any of our airline partners, you can sign-up online for Lounge Access Option by paying a nominal price (up to 75% less than regular price).
    Later, if available, you will be notified via email about your Lounge Access usually 1 to 3 days but no later than 4 hours before the flight departure. If not awarded, your Preferred Seat Price will be refunded to you within 5 days after the flight departure.
    Learn More...
    How can I buy LAo?
    • Visit and select Lounge Access (LAo).
    • Enter your booking details (airline, PNR or booking reference, passenger last name and email) to retrieve your booking. If you don't have your PNR handy, use the 'Advanced Search' to retrieve your booking with your flight details.
    • Select Lounge Access Option on any one or more flights in your booking.
    • Pay a small Sign-up price and a nominal LAo Price (in this way enjoying up to 75% savings compared to regular Lounge price).
    • Review and make the payment
    • You will be notified via email about your Lounge access status usually 1-3 days but no later than 4 hours before the flight departure. If you are not awarded Lounge access, the LAo price for that flight will be automatically refunded to you within five business days after flight departure.
    Lounge Access Benefits
    • Premium Comfort
    • Finest Services
    • Low Price
    • Save on travel expenses
    • Traveling together
    • Boost productivity
    • Automatic updation
    • Automatic refund
    • Easy to change


    What is LAo? How does it enhance travel experience

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