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Royal Jordanian
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Learn about Lounge Pass
The cheapest and most convenient way to enjoy business lounge every time you fly!     
The Lounge Pass (LP) is the most convenient and cheapest way to get Lounge access for multiple trips at a very low price (up to 50% less). It's much cheaper than buying a lounge access separately for every trip. Once Optiontown has awarded you Lounge access, you can enjoy the comforts and luxury at the airport lounge, and your booking is edited in the airline reservations system to reflect the same. So, get ready to make your travel experience much more convenient and comfortable with exclusive meals and drinks and a cosy environment to relax at Business Lounge!

With Lounge Pass, you purchase credits for multiple Lounge access in advance and apply for Lounge Access Option to add Lounge access to your flight booking. It makes the sign-up process of Lounge Access Option (LAo) much more convenient and cheaper as you get the advantage of locked-in Lounge prices over a period of time.
How does it work?

Buy a Lounge Pass with your desired number of Lounge credits, travel period, travel zone, and passengers.
After purchase, you can redeem your pass to access the Lounge for the designated number times during your travel period.
The Lounge Pass includes all fare, taxes and fees for the designated number of Lounges. You will not need to pay any additional price later. Your lounge access will be confirmed shortly after the redemption. If for some reason, the Lounge access is not granted on any particular flight, the credit will be added back to your Lounge Pass and you could use them on future trips.
Learn more...
How can I buy a Lounge Pass?
Visit and select the 'Lounge Pass' tab.
Enter inputs for desired pass features (airline, number of Lounge credits, travel period, travel zone and passengers) and click search.
Select the desired Lounge Pass from the search results./td>
Review and make payment to complete the purchase transaction.
Now, you are ready to sign-up for Lounge Pass by redeeming your Lounge Pass.
How to book Lounges with a Lounge Pass?
Visit ?and select the Lounge Pass tab.
Click on Redeem Pass and login to your account.
Select the Lounge Pass you wish to redeem and enter the details of your booking on which you want to sign-up for Lounge Pass.
Select the flight to add Lounge access
Review and confirm your selection.
You will receive your Lounge status confirmation shortly thereafter.
Lounge Pass Benefits
  • Premium comfort
  • Finest services
  • Easy to use
  • Substantial savings
  • Save on travel expenses
  • Traveling together
  • Tailor made for you
  • Pool and Share with friends and family
  • Boost productivity
  • Easy to change or manage pass
  • Easy to change Lounge access in case of a flight change
  • Automatic updation in booking
  • Automatic Credit Addback
  • All Inclusive Price