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Travel Zone

The Travel Zone defines the set of all destinations where you can fly to/from by using the Flight Pass Option. You can fly on any of the flights operated by the selected airline to/from the specified destinations included in your Travel Zone. Hence, pick the Travel Zone that covers all the destinations you want to travel to/from.

    Oman Air introduces Oman Air Pass to enhance travel experience!

    Oman Air is proud to present Oman Air Pass, a simple, convenient and cost-effective way to book tickets for your future travel. Oman Air Pass allows you to conveniently pre-purchase a number of flights at highly discounted fares (up to 75% less) and redeem them for ticketed flights when you want to travel.

    With Oman Air Pass you can:
    Fly in both directions between your selected destinations (i.e. using Oman Air Pass, you can book for Muscat to Salalah and also for Salalah to Muscat). Enjoy the convenience now for traveling between Salalah and Muscat with Oman Air Pass.
    Stop worrying about fare increase as your low flight price is locked in.
    Save time and effort in searching for flight deals and enjoy peace of mind with more convenient and relaxed travel planning and booking.
    You can add the number of passengers who can use the Oman Air Pass along with you.
    Extend the benefits to your near & dear ones by sharing & pooling your Oman Air Pass.
    So get your Oman Air Pass today and keep flying the new feeling seamlessly and cost-effectively!
    How to buy Oman Air Pass?
    • Visit and select the Oman Air Pass tab.
    • Add passenger details.
    • Click the Buy button and make the payment.
    • Receive Oman Air Pass Purchase confirmation email.
    How to book flights with Oman Air Pass?
    • Visit and select the Oman Air Pass tab.
    • Login to your account in the "Books Flights" section and fill in your Pass details to books flights.
    • Input flight search criteria and select your desired flight.
    • Review your selection and add passengers.
    • Submit your booking and receive email confirmation.
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