OmanAir | Optiontown - Upgrade your Travel experience at attractive price. With UTo upgrade, you get all the premium class, services, including the luxurious flatbed or comfortable reclining seats, gourmet meals , exquisite business hospitality, Extra Baggage allowance, access to the airport lounge , priority check-in , priority baggage reclaim, additional frequent flyer miles, faster security checks etc. Experience luxury and style at its best! Arrive at your destination refreshed, active and ready to go. Move up to a life of luxury!
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    Flight Upgrade
    Enjoy Business Class amenities with an Economy Class ticket!How does it work?
    Flight Upgrade allows you to upgrade to the Business Class and enjoy the premium comforts and privileges for a price less than the regular Oman Air Business Class fare. With Flight Upgrade, you get all the premium cabin services including Business Lounge, luxurious flatbed or comfortable reclining seats, gourmet meals & drinks, exquisite business hospitality, extra weight allowance, priority check-in & boarding, priority baggage reclaim and faster security checks, at a nominal price. You will be entitled to all the facilities associated with your Upgrade Class except Sindbad miles (Sindbad miles will be allocated as per the Economy Class).

    Only a limited number of upgrades are offered for each flight based on the availability of seats and other factors, hence a Flight Upgrade sign-up does not guarantee an upgrade. Keep participating in Flight Upgrade to increase your chances to elevate yourself to luxury!
    If you are booked on Oman Air Economy Class, buy Flight Upgrade for a chance to upgrade to Business at a discounted price.
    We start confirming Upgrades 24 hours before the flight and we aim to provide you with as much notice as possible with notification given no later than 1 hour before flight departure.
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    How to buy Upgrade?
    • Visit and select Flight Upgrade tab.
    • Enter your booking details (PNR or booking reference, passenger last name and email) to retrieve your booking. If you don't have your PNR handy, use the 'Advanced Search' to retrieve your flight details.
    • Select the flight to which you would like to be upgraded.
    • Agree to pay a nominal Upgrade Price (in this way enjoying great savings compared to the regular Business Class fare). Your upgrade price will only be charged at the time of upgrade processing*.

    *For customers signing-up for upgrade more than 24 hours before departure and paying with a credit card, the upgrade price will only be charged later at the time of upgrade processing. In this situation, your credit card will be validated with a charge of $1 at the time of sign-up and the same $1 will be refunded right away. For all other customers signing-up within 24 hours of flight departure or if they are paying with a debit card or PayPal, the upgrade price will be charged at the time of sign-up and thereafter the upgrade will be processed. If for any reason, the upgrade cannot be processed but the payment has been charged, then the upgrade price will be refunded back within 5 business days after flight departure.

    1.Signing-up for flight upgrade does not guarantee that your upgrade request is confirmed.
    2.You will be notified via email about the status of your Upgrade request no later than 1 hour before the flight departure.
    3.If you have already Checked-In, you will not able to Upgrade without visiting our Ticket Desk.
    Upgrade Benefits
    • Business Lounge
    • Premium seating
    • Gourmet Meals & Drinks
    • Extra Baggage Allowance