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      Learn about Extra Legroom
      Need extra legroom, book an Exit Row seat!    
      Extra Legroom allows you to switch your seat to the Emergency Exit seat and make your journey comfortable and convenient. Sitting on Emergency Exit seats provides you with ample leg space to stretch and relax on board, and evidently provides access to the Emergency Exit.
      How does it work?
      If you have an Economy Class flight booking with Oman Air, you can buy an Emergency Exit seat by paying a nominal price.
      We start confirming Exit Seats 24 hours before the flight and we aim to provide you with as much notice as possible with notification given no later than 1 hour before flight departure.
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      Steps to get Emergency Exit seat
      • Visit and select the Extra Legroom tab.
      • Enter your booking details (PNR or booking reference, passenger last name and email) to retrieve your booking. If you don't have your PNR handy, use the 'Advanced Search' to retrieve your booking details.
      • Select the Emergency Exit seat for your flight.
      • Review and make the payment to complete your Emergency Exit seat sign-up.
      • You will be notified via email of your Emergency Exit seat assignment no later than 1 hour before your flight departure. If not assigned, its price will be refunded to you within 5 days after your flight departure.
      1.Signing-up for Extra Legroom does not guarantee your confirmed exit row seat assignment.
      2.You will be notified via email of your exit row seat assignment no later than 1 hour before your flight departure.
      3.Price will be charged on your card only if exit row seat is successfully assigned to you.
      4.If you have already Checked-In, we will not be able to assign Exit Seat to you without you visiting our Ticket Desk.
      Extra Legroom Benefits
      • Comfort
      • Savings
      • Easy to change
      • Boost productivity
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